Magical Herbs That Cure Diabetes – The Halki Diabetes Remedy

So we decided to actually purchase a product we came across recently called the Halki Diabetes Remedy, a product written to reverse type 2 diabetes. We wanted to find out ourselves if there are any magical herbs that cure diabetes (although we dislike using the word magical…it sounds user cheesy). The following is an unbiased review, so let’s see what all this fuss is about:


What is the Halki Diabetes Remedy about?


According to the authors if Halki Diabetes programs, type 2 diabetes is caused by toxins. It is a simple matter of reversing the effect of these toxins, and apparently repairing your body. Very simple, get on a specific diet called the Halki Diabetes Remedy, and eliminate your diabetes.


What’s the origin of the Halki Diabetes Remedy?


Magical Herbs That Cure Diabetes - The Halki Diabetes Remedy - Contrary to popular belief, the authors are claiming that diabetes is caused by what they call a “certain environmental toxin” called PM2.5 which is linked to resistance to insulin.

PM2.5 means particulate matter 2.5 which has been mentioned in a study in 2010 by Diabetes Care. They mention that the risk of diabetes increases in high PM2.5 levels. Further studies have concluded that there is no strong relationship between the exposure to this PM2.5 and prevalence towards diabetes, however. There might be a relationship, but more research in this area is definitely warranted.


Herbs for blood sugar - The origin of the Halki Diabetes program comes from Halki, an island in the Aegen Sea. It is a remedy which apparently removes PM2.5 from your system. It involves eating special salad dressings with special ingredients that are known through research to deal with type 2 diabetes. These salad dressings are mean to maintain your blood sugar balance.


Who are the creators of the Halki Diabetes Remedy?


The book was written by Amanda Feerson and Eric Whitfield. Amanda has been looking for healthy alternatives to diabetes medication for the best of 2 decades.

Herbs for diabetes - Eric, on the other hand, is an ironworker, having had his wife suffering from type 2 diabetes. According to Eric, his wife followed the remedy and her blood sugar level dropped drastically, to the point where it was “permanently eliminated”.


Pros and Cons of the Halki Diabetes Remedy


The book provides you with diet information and workouts to help lower blood sugar fast. The herbs for blood sugar used in this remedy are marjoram, kohlrabi, broccoli sprouts, among other ingredients. The book claims that such ingredients reverse and prevent the negative impact of PM2.5.

So you get salad dressing recipes and a 3-week program to help lower your blood sugar. Recipes take a minute or less to make. The program is not so expensive at $37, and you get bonuses on self-development, which helps with lower your blood sugar. A 60-day money-back guarantee seals the deal, making this a bargain for anyone who is looking for natural blood sugar control.

There is no harm in making your own salad dressings. Whilst there is documented evidence regarding PM2.5 and diabetes, the claim of reversing and potentially eliminating diabetes are a bit over the top. Both authors are not medical professionals, and should therefore not go for certain claims of throwing away medication and eating whatever one likes without consequences.

One must be extremely careful with dieting and to workout daily, regardless if one is suffering from diabetes or not. Diabetes and obesity are definitely linked, which means watching your weight is paramount when suffering from diabetes.


The Verdict


No harm in trying the Halki Diabetes program out, especially given its price point, but do not take it too seriously either. Click here to find out more about the Halki Diabetes program. You might also want to check out the Leptitox product in this review as well.